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Cargo Transport Service in Jaipur

31 Oct 2015 12:16:48 PM

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It has a fleet of 400 buses. Off them 20 are A/C Low floor, 380 are non A/C Low floor. At present there are 7 radial routes with 7 additional routes, 3 circular routes, 3 AC routes and 6 sub-urban routes. Buses in green colour are for Sub urban and rural services in and around jaipur city.

The BQS are an integral part of the overall transportation plan. All JCTSL buses running on any of the routes will stop only at the BQS. The BQS is designed so as to facilitate boarding and disembarking from the special Jnurm buses. The BQS is also expected to act as information centre for passengers, tourists and others and have been specially designed for high density areas at the points of easy accessibility. Each BQS is expected to have a small kiosk as well as an ATM counter. Since it is prominently located on the roadside, well lit in the evenings, the BQS will also serve as one of the best advertisement platforms for visual advertising in Jaipur city.

As a policy measure too, the governments are increasingly adopting advertisement by-laws which clearly indicate that advertisement on roads have to be in/near the public transport facilities. Apart from the utility, the BQS are also expected to be, visually, very attractive. The most commonly used local transport is auto rickshaw which also the most affordable.

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Jaipur is acclaimed as a Gateway to the Golden Quadrilateral. Auto Rickshaws are also very popular in terms of local transportation. The options are prepaid autos and meter autos. Taxis and cars provide comfortable journeys in a safe environment.

The Jaipur City Transport Services Limited (JCTSL) operates a fleet of low-floor buses in the Walled city area in December. These have replaced the old big buses which the traffic police had declared unsuitable for commute in the congested area. These buses run on two-three routes covering majority of the Walled City area. The places which were not connected with the bus service in the past, is covered by the new fleet. These buses will have a capacity to accommodate 30 passengers which can go up to a maximum of 35. The buses are also going to provide a relief to the traffic police which has been facing a tough time in managing the vehicular movement at peak hours. "Driving during peak hours has become a time consuming task. It is a good move to replace the big low-floor buses," said Devendra Jain, a shopkeeper in the Walled City area.

Jaipur Golden Fact file Service, speed, efficiency and reliability have guided our growth. We offer Total Solutions for all your transportation needs. At vero eos et accusamus let piusto odio dignissimos ducim.
City bus service was introduced in 2007. Initially, 100 buses were used. The new city bus was very well received by the local populace, and it became very popular. In 2009, a new fleet of low floor and low floor AC buses were introduced. It is run under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). Bus service was initially only on the main roads, but it later operated in residential areas too. Now it also operates in congested areas. JCTSL was established to cater the increasing needs of Jaipur City.

Jaipur city transport services limited operates a large number of A/C and non A/C low floor buses under the title RSRTC JNNURM .The type of bus can be judged on their colour. The A/C buses are in dark red, while the routes have their own colors. These buses are well designed and equipped with all needed security measures, though security measures are rarely followed by commuters. These buses can be used by the physically disabled. Modern automatic door opening/closing function is there in this buses.

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